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About Us

Our facilities in Skierniewice and Gorzów Wlkp. are modern factories equipped with the latest generation of technological lines for the production of medicines and dietary supplements as well as medical devices. Manufacturing processes are fully automated and controlled by highly qualified and experienced technologists, chemists and pharmacists. Well-equipped analytical, chemical and microbiological laboratories allow constant supervision and repeatability of processes what guarantees highest quality products.

Extremely efficient production lines are capable of manufacturing tablets in 30 formats with possibilities of coating, hard capsules 00, 0, 1, powders, granulates, pellets with possibility of coating, gels, lotions, creams with possibility of packing in tubes, suppositories, globules, syrups and supplements in form of oral solutions. Production processes are carried out on equipment dedicated to the type of production.

Fully automated systems for packaging enable us to perform packaging in jars: granulates, powders, tablets ,capsules and in bottles in customer specified volume and weight. Tablets and capsules are packed also in blisters in PVC-ALU and ALU–ALU, then placed in cardboard boxes together with a leaflet. Tablets and capsules may also be closed in sachets of 1 or 2 items. Granulates, powders, creams and gels may be packed in sachets of 6 to 15 cm width and 6 to 20 cm height.

All technological processes are conducted under supervision of Quality control systems GMP, HACCP, ISO. Moreover, we have CE factory certification for medical devices. In our R&D division we conduct number of new projects for implementation of medicines, which are then manufactured in our factories on contract manufacturing basis. We invite you to visit our facilities and to meet with our professional staff! We are open for cooperation with new partners.

Range of activites

Biofaktor has a huge possibilities and rich experience indevelopment, laboratory analyses, drawing up documentations and final production.

Our expertise coversall major product groups, namely:

  • food supplements,
  • medical devices
  • OTC medicines
  • RX medicines
  • cosmetics

We are also experienced in additional services:

  • formal management of technology transfer
  • process adaptation if required
  • pilot runs
  • stability tests
  • full scale production
  • release analysis

Forms and packing


  • tablets (various sizes, shapes, film and sugar coated)
  • hard gelatin capsules (sizes: 1, 0, 00)
  • powders
  • granules (incl. coated granules)
  • suppositories, vaginal globules
  • syrups
  • nonsterile liquids
  • emulsions, balms
  • ointments
  • creams
  • gels


  • blisters
  • blisters Alu/Alu
  • bottles/jars
  • various containers with different pumps, applicators (incl. Oral and nasal)
  • sachets for:
    • tablets,
    • powders,
    • creams,
    • gels,
    • ointments

Medical Devices 

Biofaktor has full documentation for following registered products.



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